Elena Pierazzo

Ph.D., Professor of Italian studies and Digital Humanities
Université Grenoble Alpes – GERCI

My research is primarily concentrated around modern manuscripts, in particular modern draft manuscripts: how to edit them, which form of edition is more appropriate (diplomatic, critical, genetic) and how any of the above changes if the medium of publication is digital.

This research is represented well by my involvement and active contribution to the working group of the Manuscript Special Interest Group of the Text Encoding Initiative which has elaborated a new encoding model for Genetic and Documentary editions. This research addresses both the production and the publication phases of such editions. One of the outputs of this research is represented by a prototype edition of some pages of a notebook of Proust

I have recently published a book: Digital Scholarly Editing that represent the result of almost 5 years of research and writing. You can buy it on Amazon or on Ashgate's own website.

My other main research interest is the impact of collaborative research in the Humanities in terms of career progression, formal recognition and workflow.

In the past I have concentrated my research primarily around these topics: