Elena Pierazzo

Ph.D., Professor of Italian studies and Digital Humanities
Université Grenoble Alpes – GERCI

My teaching can be divided in two main blocks: the teaching I do at the university of Grenoble 3, and the number of workshops and training I do all around the world.

In Grenoble I teach within the MA Franco-Italian, the MA MEEF and the BA LLCER Italian Studies related topics, such as Italian Philology, Phonetics, sociolinguistics, cultural heritage and text analysis. I give a DH flavour to all my teaching, even when students don't realise it.

As for my unstructured teachings, I teach XML and XML related technologies, TEI, text editing and methodologies of the Digital Humanities at undergraduate, MA and PhD level.

For example, I am one of the principal instructors for Medieval Manuscripts Studies in the Digital Age (MMSDA), a collaborative AHRC funded training course for UK PhD students. Lately, with Peter Stokes we taught a reduced version of it during DH2015

I supervise MA and PhD dissertations.