Peter A. Stokes

Peter A. Stokes
Directeur d'études (approx. 'Research Professor')
École Pratique des Hautes Études – Université PSL (Paris)
Section des Sciences Historiques et Philologiques
UMR 8546 Archéologie et Philologie d’Orient et d’Occident
            King's College London (for 2010–17)
HAL:     peter-stokes     IdRef: 181239310
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Grants, Awards and Distinctions


  • Equipex+ Grant, 'Biblissima+ Portail du patrimoine de l'érudition'. 2021–29. Correspondant scientifique et technique for Université PSL, coordinator for Cluster 4 'Analyse des écritures anciennes et environnement d'annotation'.
  • H2020 INFRADEV-2 (RIA) Grant, 'RESILIENCE: Religious Studies Infrastructure: Tools, Experts, Connections and Centers'. 2019–21. Leader of Work Package 4 (Technical requirements, conceptual design and validation). Grant Agreement no. 871127. <>
  • Agence Nationale de la Recherche, Montage de Réseaux Scientifiques Européens ou Internationaux (MRSEI) Grant. 2019. Seed-funding to mount a new Horizon Europe project. Co-running with Anne-Marie Turkan Verkerk (EPHE–PSL) who obtained and leads the grant.
  • Post-Doctoral Research Project Fellowship, King’s College London. 2017. Grant to hire a Post-Doctoral Research Associate for three months, incl. expenses.
  • AHRC Research Grant (Standard), 'The Conqueror's Commissioners: Unlocking the Domesday Survey of South-Western England'. Co-Investigator, with Julia Crick (PI, King's College London) and Stephen Baxter (Co-I, Oxford University), 2014–17. Grant Reference no. AH/L013975/1.
  • AHRC Research Grant (Standard), 'Models of Authority: Scottish Charters and the Emergence of Government 1100–1250'. Co-Investigator, with Dauvit Broun (PI, Glasgow), Tessa Webber (Co-I, Cambridge University) and Alice Taylor (Co-I, King's College London), 2014–17. Grant Reference no. AH/L008041/1.
  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN, 'Digital Scholarly Editions Initial Training Network' (DiXiT). Scientific Project Manager for King's College London. 2014–17. Grant Agreement no. 317436.
  • Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop 12382, 'Computation and Palaeography: Potentials and Limits': grant to fund workshop for up to forty invited participants. Prepared with Tal Hassner (Open University of Israel), Lior Wolf (Tel Aviv University) and Malte Rehbein (Universität Würzburg), 2011. <>
  • European COST funding in support of 'Medieval Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age' (MMSDA), as part of COST Action IS1005. Prepared with Charles Burnett (Warburg Institute), Hanna Vorholt (Warburg) and Elena Pierazzo (King's College London), 2011.
  • European Research Council Starting Grant, 'DigiPal: Digital Resource and Database of Palaeography, Manuscripts and Diplomatic'. Principal Investigator, 2010–14. Grant Agreement no. 263751.
  • AHRC Award, Collaborative Research Training, Specialist category: 'Medieval Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age: Analysis, Description and Editing'. Prepared with Prof. Michelle Brown, Prof. Warwick Gould, and Dr Wim van Mierlo (Institute of English Studies), Dr Hanna Vorholt (Warburg Institute), and Dr Arianna Ciula (King's College London), 2008. <>
  • Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship, 'Digital Methods in Palaeography'. Principal Investigator, 2007–9.

Awards and Distinctions

  • Shortlisted (Stage 2) twice for European Research Council Consolidator Grants (H2020), 2016 and 2018.
  • Medieval Academy of America Digital Humanities prize, 2016. Awarded for the DigiPal [Archetype] framework.
  • Exon Domesday project awarded the Devon and Cornwall Record Society prize: The Holdsworth Claret (awarded to Prof. Julia Crick, project Principal Investigator), 2018. <>.
  • International Society of Anglo-Saxonists (ISAS, now ISSEME) Prize for Best Research Aid, 2013–5. Awarded for English Vernacular Minuscule from Æthelred to Cnut, circa 990 – circa 1035.
  • Formally recognised for 'outstanding contribution' to the Arts & Humanities Research Council Peer Review College, 2014 and 2018.
  • Papers 'Computer-Aided Palaeography' and 'Modeling Medieval Handwriting: A New Approach to Digital Palaeography' invited for consideration for volume of 'outstanding papers' from the Digital Humanities conference, 2009 and 2012 respectively.
  • Paper 'Computer-Aided Palaeography' selected as one of four best contributions to the Codicology and Palaeography in the Digital Age conference (Munich), 2009.

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